"Jonny is extremely professional whilst being empathetic and supportive.  I met with Jonny on a fortnightly basis for help with anxiety and depression.  He validated all my feelings and emotions and taught me many different strategies to deal with these.  Through working with Jonny my life has become so much better.   I am now able to find joy and happiness everyday and know that when life gets tough from time to time I will be able to cope."



"I had suffered from depression, childhood trauma, anxiety and very low self esteem for many years.  I had tried counselling before and thought it wasn't for me but finding the right counsellor made all the difference.  When I first met Jonny, I told him I was unfixable but how wrong I was!! Jonny is so easy to talk to, empathetic, non judgemental and so understanding.  He provided me invaluable support and tools to help me untangle my uncertainties, injustices and anxiety.  I couldn't recommend Jonny enough for those searching for expert guidance and support."



"I started going to Jonny at a very difficult point in my life... my life felt like it had fallen apart.  I didn't realise how broken I was until I started looking deeper at my issues. Jonny gave me the strength to get through it, supporting me every week with ways to cope and to be honest was not only my counsellor but a friend.  I felt so comfortable with him which made me feel able to open up.  It was never a problem for him to see me... sometimes even twice a week.  I could not have got through things without him and am eternally grateful."



"Jonny helped to identify my issues with self-image and always challenged self-destructive behaviour.  I was able to talk bluntly and honestly without judgement I was able to share things I thought I'd never be able to voice, which led to Jonny helping me create steps I needed to take in order to have difficult conversations in my own time. This really helped my relationship with my family and friends.  Jonny asked me great unbiased questions that helped me work my own way through my problems.

Before counselling I hated spending time alone, but now I actively seek out alone time as I am no longer afraid of my own mind.  He allowed me to grieve things I didn't know I was allowed to grieve and for this I am incredibly grateful that I was able to access such high quality counselling.

After 8 months I was able to say that I no longer needed counselling, a day I thought would never come.  I am very thankful for my time with Jonny and will highly recommend him to anyone who feels they will never be able to escape their spiraling mind."