Why counselling?

If you are new to counselling you might wonder how it can benefit you.  This page aims to highlight a few reasons why you may find counselling helpful.  

-Counselling offers you a completely unique experience and relationship.  It offers you somewhere that you know the person listening is completely confidential and you know they are trained not to judge you.  This removes all barriers to you really opening up: you know you won't be judged and your complete privacy is guaranteed (unless you or someone else is at serious risk of harm).


-Counselling can offer you an accountability that works.  Many of my clients set goals and work at specific targets very quickly.  They have reported that they work hard to meet targets because they had told me that they were going to address these in the next week.  Because they have paid for the session, they are motivated to work quickly at fixing the issue.


-Counselling offers you real empathy.  In a counselling relationship, the counsellor is trained not to just listen to you but to really understand you completely.  Sharing your pain with another person helps you to heal also.  It offers you the chance to talk with someone who understands how your mind and your emotions work.  A counsellor can feel what you are feeling.  They can also explain why you are feeling and acting this way in the light of what you have shared.  When this happens, a powerful shift can happen.


-Talking allows you to process your thoughts and really understand what you think.  This allows you to delve deeper with someone who knows how to safely help you to explore yourself.  Your subconscious may reveal important information about you (information that is unknown by you) that the counsellor can highlight and help you to understand.


-It offers you space and time with your thoughts.  It's time designated time for just you- no interruptions- just you and your thoughts- no need to check in on another person and ask them how their week has been.


-Counsellors have helped others who have had similar circumstances to yours and therefore they may know what is likely to help you.